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Daniel Kay, Southern Illinois Divorce Lawyer

Daniel Kay, Attorney at Law

A military veteran, Daniel is a 1996 graduate of Southern Illinois School of Law.

The law firm of Daniel Kay serves as a southern Illinois divorce lawyer, southern Illinois criminal defense lawyer and DUI defense lawyer. We take pride in offering personal and professional service to our clients at a competitive price. We can do this because we only wear three hats:

  • Southern Illinois Divorce Lawyer

  • Criminal Defense Attorney

  • DUI Defense Lawyer

Because we focus on only certain areas of law we can go deeper than others.
Located in downtown Herrin we regularly travel to places like, Marion, Benton, Carbondale, Murphysboro, and Harrisburg as part of our normal practice. We are right at home in each of the local communities and help you get you the best possible outcome for your case. Go head and give us a call today! You will be happy you did.

Areas of Practice


Felony or misdemeanor charges

Criminal Attorney

With almost twenty years of criminal law experience, Daniel Kay knows how to put a case together and how to take one apart. From murder cases to misdemeanors, his experience will make you feel at ease as you go through the process.


You just want out . . .

Help is on the way!

The law in Illinois for divorces changed in January 2016. Its going to take a while to see how the courts are going to adapt to all the new changes. The last thing you need to worry about is your attorney. Get peace of mind. Get an experienced attorney working on your case.


Don't understand the DUI process?

Got a DUI?

DUI’s can be very technical and very confusing. Daniel Kay is an experienced DUI defense attorney. He knows this area front and back. If you got a DUI, you need to give us a call.

Top Frequently Asked Questions


It depends on how many charges you have against you and what they happen to be. As a rule, felony cases will cost more than a misdemeanor case. Another factor is whether you have any prior criminal history. If you have a lengthy criminal history there are potentially more issues to have to sort through and you can expect the State’s Attorneys office will be more apt to seek stiffer sentences. Specific dollar figures can be provided during the consultation.
If you want to have confidence that you are doing all you can in your criminal case, you want experience. I have been practicing criminal law for almost twenty years and have spent time as both a prosecutor and defense attorney. I have tried murder cases, drug cases, aggravated battery cases, etc. I know the law, the prosecutors and the judges where these cases are brought. If you are in trouble that’s what you need.
We would need to talk about the substance of your case and I would need to see the evidence from the other side before I could make any kind of accurate prediction. Details matter in these case and each case is different. Maybe the police got lazy in your case and didn’t follow the correct procedure or maybe the law isn’t what you think it is. You just can’t tell until an experienced attorney studies the case over. If an attorney tells who you can beat the charges over the phone, you should hang up and go to someone else. A reputable defense attorney will NOT make any sort of firm forecast for a client until they see the evidence from the other side.


It depends because each case is different. Family law cases require refundable money up front (i.e. security retainer). The final costs will depend on the amount of time the case takes to resolve, the complexity of the issues involved and the whether the other side is willing to compromise.
Each case is different. There are a lot of things that can influence how quickly cases resolve: how many cases are on the docket in each county, how many issues need to be worked out, how reasonable the other side wants to be. A “normal” case could be on the docket for two to three months. Again, there is a lot of variation from one case to the next.
If you and your spouse don’t already have an agreement on your own the court will direct you to attend mediation shortly after the first appearance. If mediation doesn’t result in an agreement then each side has to present their own plan to the court for the judge to make the decision. The plan must include discussions of items like who has chief decision making responsibilities, access to medical records, etc. They will consider the best interest of the child in making the decision.


Couple of different factors come into play in answering that. The summary suspension will kick in 46 days after you were given notice (usually, when you took the breath/blood test), so the clock is ticking. Fortunately, there are ways to challenge the suspension. So far as the DUI criminal case is concerned most first time offenders are offered court supervision which wouldn’t impact your license. For people who have had a previous DUI (i.e. you have had supervision on a DUI before) you will have your license revoked if you get convicted of the DUI charge. In all instances where driving is important to you, you need an experienced attorney to review your case and help identify possible issues.
Just like in criminal cases, it depends on how many citations you have against you and what they happen to be. If you have prior DUI’s expect it to cost more. Specific dollar figures can be provided during the consultation.
Most DUI cases will be concluded within two to four months from the time of the arrest.