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Daniel Kay, Attorney at Law is a retired military officer with over 17 years of experience as a practicing lawyer.  Due to Daniel’s extensive experience as a criminal defense attorney and DUI defense lawyer, his current law practice concentrates in these areas but he also accepts traffic tickets, divorce, and expungements.  Additionally, Daniel has developed a reputation as the “go to” attorney in southern Illinois on matters related to concealed carry and self-defense.

Approachable, effective, and caring, you will find from the first contact with Daniel that your experience with him will be different – in a good way.  Give him a call and let him guide you through this difficult time while protecting your rights.



Criminal Defense

Success in the field of criminal defense can be tricky business.


DUI Defense

To save your license and reputation, you must contact an experienced DUI defense lawyer to win


Traffic Cases

With every traffic ticket you receive, the Secretary of State’s office counts points against you



In the state of Illinois, you have the right to expunge a criminal record



Nobody enters a relationship with the idea of getting a divorce.


Concealed Carry Class

I am proud to announce a recent educational initiative to my law practice. 


What Dan did for me over the last 8 months probably saved my life.  He gave me a second chance to go forward and live my life . . . although I owe everyone who stood by my side, Dan played the biggest part of them all in orchestrating the process . . . thanks again.