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Daniel Kay, Attorney at Law is a retired military officer with over 18 years of experience as a practicing lawyer. Due to Daniel’s extensive experience as a criminal defense attorney and DUI defense lawyer, his current law practice concentrates in these areas but he also accepts traffic tickets, divorce, and expungements. Approachable, effective, and caring, you will find from the first contact with Daniel that your experience with him will be different – in a good way. Give him a call and let him guide you through this difficult time while protecting your rights. Learn more

Who Am I ?

dan kay 20150002At the heart of it all, I’m a small town man. I was raised to believe in tradition, hard work, and community – raised to believe in giving it your all and helping your neighbors. My family has roots that stretch into the history of Southern Illinois. Generations have lived and passed in the stores, streets, and homes of these small towns. Some, like my great-grandfather, A.T. Pace, mayor during the Herrin Massacre, made memorable contributions to our community, but most have just been honest, hard-working citizens trying to make ends meet.
My life began to take shape in high school. I enlisted in the Army Reserve at seventeen and spent the summer between junior and senior year in Basic Training at Fort Jackson in Columbia, South Carolina.    Read More….

dan kay 20150005My Experience

I am an experienced criminal lawyer in Illinois who has been representing clients for over 18 years. As a former Army Reserve JAG officer, he has had the opportunity to conduct trials around the world, including Williamson, Jackson, Franklin, Jefferson, Pulaski, Madison, St. Clair, Ft. Polk, Ft. Riley, Bagdad and Takrit, Iraq.

Before entering his private practice, Mr. Kay established his reputation as Assistant Attorney General with the Illinois Attorney General’s Office for over 13 years. During that period, he tried a wide range of jury trial cases, including child sex cases, official misconduct cases, drug possession, reckless homicide, and first-degree murder cases. He was always in the courtroom.   Read More…

dan kay 20150003Hire A Local Attorney

Whether you need a divorce attorney or a traffic ticket lawyer, there are many advantages to hiring a local attorney in southern Illinois. Some laws vary by state, and some local rules vary within the state. However, a local attorney specializes in state-specific laws and knows all of the local procedures inside and out.

Another benefit to hiring a local attorney is that they are familiar with local personnel. For example, local DUI lawyers in Illinois are familiar with local judges, prosecutors, court houses, and court staff. They are also familiar with residents in the area. This can come especially handy during a jury trial, when it is extremely important for the lawyer to know the general attitudes of the jury.    Read More….

criminal defense

Criminal Defense

Success in the field of criminal defense can be tricky business. Read more


DUI Defense

To save your license and reputation, you must contact an experienced DUI defense lawyer to win. Read more

traffic cases

Traffic Cases

With every traffic ticket you receive, the Secretary of State’s office counts points against you. Read more



In the state of Illinois, you have the right to expunge a criminal record. Read more



Nobody enters a relationship with the idea of getting a divorce. Read more

What My Clients Say

I was very satisfied with Dan’s service. He was very professional and he handled my case extremely well. He answered my emails and phone calls promptly, and this put at me at ease knowing that my case was receiving immediate attention.

I felt he sincerely cared about my legal problems, as he sat me down thoroughly explained my options in regards to my case, also giving me great advice and guidance.


Mr. Kay represented me in a criminal case . . . I was impressed on so many levels from the first phone conversation to the very end of the case. His experience and knowledge of the law served me well.


From the very beginning, Dan answered all of our questions and provided us with a thoughtful explanation of our case and appropriate legal remedies. He was very quick to personally answer all of our emails, texts or phone calls. That was really appreciated.


He was always professional . . .he always responded to quickly, both night and day, weekdays and weekends, any time I had a question. If I had a family member in trouble like I was, I would recommend Daniel immediately.


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