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Daniel Kay, Attorney at Law is a retired military officer with over 17 years of experience as a practicing lawyer.  Due to Daniel’s extensive experience as a criminal defense attorney and DUI defense lawyer, his current law practice concentrates in these areas but he also accepts traffic tickets, divorce, and expungements.  Additionally, Daniel has developed a reputation as the “go to” attorney in southern Illinois on matters related to concealed carry and self-defense.

Approachable, effective, and caring, you will find from the first contact with Daniel that your experience with him will be different – in a good way.  Give him a call and let him guide you through this difficult time while protecting your rights.



What Dan did for me over the last 8 months probably saved my life.  He gave me a second chance to go forward and live my life . . . although I owe everyone who stood by my side, Dan played the biggest part of them all in orchestrating the process . . . thanks again.