April 9, 2017

Aggravated Battery Lawyer – Southern Illinois

How is aggravated battery different from misdemeanor battery?

Battery is getting into a fight or beating someone. It’s “battery” as in battering someone. It can be confused with assault which is a threat of bodily with ability to do so. The battery part is that you actually caused bodily harm.

Aggravated battery is a battery, where there are additional circumstances. Sometimes it’s the person involved, such as a police officer or a firefighter. Sometimes it has to do with the severity of the injuries.

Aggravated battery charges are very serious and a conviction for this offense can ruin a person’s reputation and their life.

With an aggravated battery charge leveled against you, you need the help of an experienced aggravated battery lawyer. Whether your case is brought in Benton or Harrisburg, you need an experienced criminal lawyer to help guide you through the review of the evidence. Dan Kay has experience helping clients with aggravated battery cases. In Southern Illinois, no one has as much experience with aggravated battery cases as Dan Kay.

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Recent examples of the types of cases where aggravated battery charges were filed:

  • Joliet – A man was charged with aggravated battery of child that left the victim with liver and pancreatic damage.
  • Marion County – A 32-year old man was being held on $65,000 bond for allegedly beating a police officer.
  • Ottawa – A former teacher was charged with aggravated battery for striking a student. Note the importance of the charge: the child didn’t suffer physical harm and was never hospitalized. The alleged victim makes the case a felony.

(All of the accused are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. These stories are proved to illustrate the severe nature of aggravated battery and are not necessarily cases handled by the Office of Daniel Kay, Attorney.)