A DUI arrest is a time to be careful about talking.

DUI: To Talk or Not to Talk – That is the Question

Busted for DUI? Should you cooperate? There has long been an idea encircling run-ins with law enforcement – that is, in the event of a potential arrest for a DUI or any other offense, you shouldn’t cooperate or talk to the police. The truth is that it’s more complicated than a simple “yes” or “no.”[…]

Illinois Concealed Carry and DUI Law: The Confusion – Daniel Kay, Attorney

Double Jeopardy: Drinking and the New Concealed Carry Law Come January as Illinois’ new CC (concealed carry law roles into full effect there are bound to be a host of questions as the newly minted licensee start interacting with police, businesses and members of the general public.  During a recent phone call with State Representative[…]

Attorney Daniel Kay, Southern Illinois

On Being An Attorney

I’ve often been asked why I like being an attorney. It hasn’t been for the money. It hasn’t been for the prestige. But it has been for the relationships. When I see my clients, I don’t see them when they are happy. I see them when they are going through a divorce or dealing with[…]