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Daniel Kay, Attorney at Law


Five Things to do Before Contacting a Family Lawyer

Divorce is a long, and dreadful process. It’s not as easy as filing and submitting a complaint. There are a few things we’ve understood after reaching out to a leawood defense lawyer that we think you should do before contacting your lawyer.

  • Make sure you want a divorce

     This may seem obvious, but choosing to get a divorce is emotional. You want to make your decision when you are not overly emotional. Once you get the divorce papers to your spouse, changing your mind could do nothing.

  • Get financial documents together

      Documentation is a huge part in divorce. Financial records, phone records, mortgages and car payments should be put together. If you and your spouse have shared files, make copies of everything.

  • Determine custody agreement

      If you have children, determining the custody situation is probably the first thing on your mind. Deciding who they are living with and how the shared custody will be, takes time. Discuss schedules and come up with a fair agreement.

  • Figure out living situations

     You have to decide who is moving out and who is staying. Figure out your living situation during and after the divorce. Keep the factors on your side with whichever you want to do.

  • Develop a support system

     Divorce is messy and emotional. Having a support system that will stick by you is extremely important. Surround yourself with people who will help you through the divorce.