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Daniel Kay, Attorney at Law


Divorce Papers – Served? Now what?

Welcome to what might end up being both the best and worst day of your life: the day your divorce officially started. Being served with divorce papers is usually filled with a lot of mixed emotions.

Divorce papers come with lots of mixed emotions.

On a day like this, there are as many responses to this paperwork as there are people who have gotten divorce papers. Nonetheless, there are a number of rules that you should follow.

  1. Don’t call your future ex – Even if this is a good thing, the paperwork can change everyone’s perspective. Do not call them or respond if they call you. Let a few days pass.
  2. Your lawyer should know – If you have a lawyer, they should already know. They should have been served as well. Call your lawyer and let them know you’ve been served.
  3. Do not talk to your kids about it – If there are kids in the mix, do not speak to them about the divorce. Even if they’re adults, just don’t. It’s better.
  4. Know when to respond – Every document will have a response date. Do not assume that even your lawyer has it covered. While they probably do, you need to keep control over your case at all times.
  5. Keep notes – Your attorney should have already told you this, but you should keep notes on every conversation and interaction. Your notes might be important later.
  6. Be sure to be calm – Staying calm as you move through the court process will go a long way to showing the court that you are reasonable.

Another important point: Don’t bother getting in the face of the process server. They are doing a job. They don’t know what the paperwork says and have no influence. They are no more responsible than a postal worker.

Want to know some more great hints? The Huffington Post has written a great article on “secrets divorce attorneys know.”

If you are unsure about what to do next, call our offices. We are always happy to help any way we can.