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Daniel Kay, Attorney at Law


On Being An Attorney

Attorney Daniel Kay, Southern Illinois
Attorney Daniel Kay, Southern Illinois

Southern Illinois Attorney, Daniel Kay

I’ve often been asked why I like being an attorney. It hasn’t been for the money. It hasn’t been for the prestige. But it has been for the relationships.

When I see my clients, I don’t see them when they are happy. I see them when they are going through a divorce or dealing with a criminal record. We work together through some of the toughest and lowest parts in their lives. My job as an attorney is to see the potential in each case – like a master woodworker being handed a raw chunk of wood who intuitively sees the deeper potential – I carve out the realistic, grounded expectations for the outcomes of each client. How each case is handled truly impact the people involved for many years ahead.

 To be entrusted with a problem with such gravity is a delicate and profound responsibility; one that I take very seriously. I go into the courtroom as a champion for my client and to be able to go and win for them, to know that what I have done has made a positive difference in their life, that is the most rewarding part of it all. There have been moments that I have been genuinely happy professionally – much of that is owed to seeing the relief and satisfaction my clients feel when I know that I have achieved the best-case scenario for them.

When it comes down to it, as an attorney, it’s about truly caring for my clients. It’s about making them a priority. It’s about making their problems my problems. And when it’s all said and done, it’s about making a positive, long-lasting impact in the lives of my neighbors, friends, and community.

If you need an attorney that won’t just represent you, but will also care about you as a person, please give me a call.

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