Blumenthal affects everyone, even straight couples.

Why Blumenthal Matters

A gay rights case, Blumenthal v. Brewer, could end up reshaping relationships for straight couples in Illinois. In 2014, the Court of Appeals for the First District of Illinois decided courts can’t discriminate against unmarried couples by preventing them from enforcing property claims against one another when they separate. The case was called Blumenthal v.[…]

A DUI arrest is a time to be careful about talking.

DUI: To Talk or Not to Talk – That is the Question

Busted for DUI? Should you cooperate? There has long been an idea encircling run-ins with law enforcement – that is, in the event of a potential arrest for a DUI or any other offense, you shouldn’t cooperate or talk to the police. The truth is that it’s more complicated than a simple “yes” or “no.”[…]

Illinois Concealed Carry and DUI Law: The Confusion – Daniel Kay, Attorney

Double Jeopardy: Drinking and the New Concealed Carry Law Come January as Illinois’ new CC (concealed carry law roles into full effect there are bound to be a host of questions as the newly minted licensee start interacting with police, businesses and members of the general public.  During a recent phone call with State Representative[…]